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Welcome to the Denton County A&M Club

President's Message

Howdy fellow Denton County Aggies!

This past year has been an eye-opening experience for me as we are coming out of COVID. We had a great year of watch parties with a significant Aggie presence at Marty B’s. So much so that the owner, Marty Bryan, has made a point of making sure we had a big screen to watch the games every week. We look forward to having more Aggies come and show their “I Bleed Maroon” pride this year at the same place!

What I witnessed and truly appreciated the most is the dedication of our officers who served the Denton County A&M Club and who are continuing to serve this year. They put in a lot of their personal time and have committed themselves to building the club to where we are now and making this club even better this coming year.

This past year, the support from our Denton County Aggies through memberships, donations, and sponsorships really grew. Because of this, we were able to increase the Denton County A&M Club Endowed Scholarship from$55,000 to $75,000! We have already added another $11,000, putting us on the path of reaching our short-term goal of $100,000! We also are going to increase our $1,500 incoming freshman student scholarships from 6 to 8 for the 2023 year! Because of that I would like to thank Dennis & Jennifer Jenkins ’85 owners of ABC Home & Commercial Services for being our biggest sponsor followed by David “Dave” Leonard ’70 and his wife. I also want to thank our newest lifetime members from this past year. Their names can be viewed on the Lifetime Members section on our webpage. Last but not least, thanks to all of our new members who joined. We’ve grown our memberships to 187 and would like to see it get to 250 or more this year. We can’t do it without you!

We worked really hard to improve our email communications to keep all of our Denton County Aggies up to date with upcoming events and articles. The focus is on our Aggies in the area and attending A&M as well as our dearly loved Denton County Aggie Mom’s Club. We will continue work on improving those updates and hope you enjoy reading the coming articles.

We are adding more student scholarship fundraisers this year, as well as first time event for “Prospective Students” at Sanger High School. We will look to do this again next year in other schools in Denton County to help our Denton County area students find their way to Texas A&M. Our newest fundraiser event is something new and exciting and we are looking for a really good turnout. We our having our first “Corn Hole Tournament” to be held at The Mule Barn in Justin and I would like to thank our sole sponsor, Commercial Bank of Texas. We are working to host a golf tournament again in the spring of 2023 now that we have a Golf chair and some really talented committee members!

So, Aggies, we are asking that you continue your much needed support to the Denton County A&M Club by updating your annual membership ($25 – individual up to $50 for a family) or by making a donation or sponsoring an event including Muster. The Denton County A&M Club is a 501(3)c nonprofit organization, so any monetary contributions, including membership, are tax deductible.

The benefits of club membership include opportunities to participate in an Aggie focused organization, which hosts monthly Howdy Hours, game watching parties, Muster, etc. 

So, let us hear from you and Gig‘em Aggies!

Scott Windrow ‘85

President, Denton County A&M Club